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Edgewell’s global portfolio gives our Marketing team the opportunity to work across a broad range of established brands: from Schick® and Wilkinson Sword® shaving systems, to Hawaiian Tropic® and Banana Boat® Sun Care, to Playtex® Feminine and Infant Care, to Stayfree® and Carefree® Feminine Care, among others. This diversity of brands gives you plenty of opportunity to develop your skills.

The role requires engagement with both the theoretical and executional elements of marketing—from concept creation to visibility in the market. Country-specific Marketing teams work closely with more specialized marketing-related groups including Global Business Management, Global Consumer Insights, and Global Brand Communications.

All have an entrepreneurial culture that places a premium on innovation and creativity driven by strategic insight. You are encouraged to take calculated risks, to try new things without being fearful, to propose new ways of solving complex challenges. You should be prepared and excited to work outside your job description, including getting out into the field with sales colleagues.

As a challenger company, we’re smaller than many of our competitors but far more agile—so those of us in Marketing never sit back and simply defend market share. We see ourselves as architects of growth in all areas and across all brands -and we bring this spirit to everything we do.

Meet Gretchen, a Category Development Manager in Auckland

In such a competitive marketplace, information is paramount—whether market data, competitive research, or consumer insights. As a Development Manager on Edgewell’s Commercial team, Gretchen is a key source of that expertise. Thanks to her extensive cross-industry experience, her view of the big picture ensures we always keep the consumer at the heart of what we do.

An essential aspect of Gretchen’s role is collecting, analyzing, and sharing this information across Edgewell. She relies on Teamwork to communicate with key stakeholders in assisting them with decision-making and designing action plans. Additionally, Initiative guides her in finding opportunities to collaborate and share knowledge—from emailing colleagues about market changes to contributing to cross-function brainstorms.

When not sifting through consumer insights, Gretchen loves to go the beach with her family and their bulldog. (And, on occasion, even defies insight by continuing the tradition during winter.)