Human Resources

At Edgewell, HR has a seat at the table—and we use that opportunity to actively engage our business teams to influence decisions and results. With our focus on Centers of Excellence, you’ll have the opportunity to excel in key areas while still engaging in the full range of HR responsibilities: business partnering, strategic planning, training and development, compensation & benefits, employee relations, recruitment/retention, succession planning, and more.

In HR, we give you a working knowledge of all company operations so that you can make more informed and proactive contributions. From visiting a retailer to better understand business challenges or touring a new plant to offer insights on staffing needs, understanding all facets of our organization is crucial to your—and our—success.

The dynamic nature of your job, combined with Edgewell’s global diversity, means you’ll face new challenges every day. We expect you to take initiative, collaborate on and develop solutions, determine the right course of action, and implement change. So your efforts will not only have an immediate impact today but also influence global strategy for years ahead.

Meet Petra, our Regional HR Manager for North-East Europe

As an HR Manager for our European region, Petra plays a critical role in nurturing one of Edgewell’s key competitive advantages: our colleagues. This diverse, values-driven team ensures we have the broad perspective we need to compete globally.

Petra demonstrates Teamwork in action by contributing to vital HR initiatives like training and development, recruitment, and compensation. She is Passionate about challenging assumptions and improving business processes in order to find more efficient ways to support our colleagues. She likewise takes inspiration from their spirit, pushing herself to live up to Edgewell’s vision by helping us be more agile, resourceful, and innovative.

Edgewell’s commitment to work-life balance enables Petra to devote herself to her greatest passion: caring for her daughter and family.

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Sr Payroll Specialist - LATAM
Sr Payroll Specialist - LATAM Shelton, CT, US 2019/1/21
Shelton, CT, US 2019/1/21
Maintenance Supervisor - Packaging/Injection Molding Equipment Milford, CT, US 2019/1/20
Associate Brand Manager
Associate Brand Manager Shelton, CT, US 2019/1/20
Shelton, CT, US 2019/1/20
Electronic Technician
Electronic Technician Dover, DE, US 2019/1/19
Dover, DE, US 2019/1/19
Quality Engineering Supervisor
Quality Engineering Supervisor Ormond Beach, FL, US 2019/1/18
Ormond Beach, FL, US 2019/1/18
HR Manager
HR Manager milford, CT, US 2019/1/18
milford, CT, US 2019/1/18
Forklift Operator
Forklift Operator Dover, DE, US 2019/1/18
Dover, DE, US 2019/1/18
New Product Development and Technical Manager, JB Carrollton, TX, US 2019/1/17
Sr. Trade Strategy Analyst
Sr. Trade Strategy Analyst Mississauga, ON, CA 2019/1/17
Mississauga, ON, CA 2019/1/17
Territory Manager, North Orange County, CA
Territory Manager, North Orange County, CA North Orange County, CA, US 2019/1/17
North Orange County, CA, US 2019/1/17
HVACR Technician
HVACR Technician Milford, CT, US 2019/1/16
Milford, CT, US 2019/1/16
Territory Manager, Hawaii Field (Lower Waikiki) Waikiki, HI, US 2019/1/16
Mechanic I - 2nd Shift
Mechanic I - 2nd Shift Ormond Beach, FL, US 2019/1/15
Ormond Beach, FL, US 2019/1/15
Process Engineer - Injection Molding
Process Engineer - Injection Molding Milford, CT, US 2019/1/15
Milford, CT, US 2019/1/15
Staff Electrical Engineer - AB PLC Controls Dover, DE, US 2019/1/15
Operator B - B Crew
Operator B - B Crew Milford, CT, US 2019/1/14
Milford, CT, US 2019/1/14
Electrician Milford, CT, US 2019/1/13
Milford, CT, US 2019/1/13
Tooling Superintendent - Injection Molding and Die Maintenance Milford, CT, US 2019/1/13
Production Mechanic
Production Mechanic Dover, DE, US 2019/1/13
Dover, DE, US 2019/1/13
Sr. Electrical Engineer - AB PLC Control Systems Dover, DE, US 2019/1/13
Compounding Supervisor - 2nd Shift
Compounding Supervisor - 2nd Shift Ormond Beach, FL, US 2019/1/12
Ormond Beach, FL, US 2019/1/12
Strip Prep Operator - B Crew
Strip Prep Operator - B Crew Milford, CT, US 2019/1/11
Milford, CT, US 2019/1/11
Blade Finishing Operator - C Crew
Blade Finishing Operator - C Crew Milford, CT, US 2019/1/11
Milford, CT, US 2019/1/11
Senior Financial Analyst
Senior Financial Analyst Mississauga, ON, CA 2019/1/11
Mississauga, ON, CA 2019/1/11
Associate Scientist - Product Research And Testing Ormond Beach, FL, US 2019/1/11