Information Technology

We enjoy challenges at Edgewell and our Information Technology group is constantly asking how technology can help the business to better achieve its goals. This is why we work closely with multiple teams across the organization—from finance and controllership, supply chain to plant operations and HR—to better understand each function’s individual operations and business objectives.

To stay ahead of business needs and technological advancements, we’ve assembled an interconnected IT group that works within a global infrastructure. Leveraging this collective knowledge, we create solutions that are both globally compatible and uniquely effective for each particular office.

Our IT group is at the hub of Edgewell offices all over the world. We’re looking for passionate and collaborative people who both embrace technology and understand the pivotal role it must play in a global company today.

Meet Michael, our Director of Global Commercial Applications

Michael has seen and managed tremendous change in his 30 years in the field of information technology. And for more than a decade, he’s been an essential steward of Edgewell’s network of colleagues across the globe.

Leading many IT and business programs in Personal Care and, previously, Energizer Holdings, Michael has been intimately involved in many of the acquisitions, integrations, and transformations we’ve made. As such, he relies on Teamwork, both within IT and across Edgewell. When building and managing these large-scale initiatives, he always strives to empower everyone involved—regardless of team or role—by giving them a voice in the process. And because the goal of his work is to enable collaboration, he ensures his team sets the tone.

As dedicated as he is to our challenge to win, Michael is, equally, a dedicated father—and fan—of his family of athletes. He values every opportunity to play an active role in their lives and, as a volunteer coach, in his community.

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Sr Payroll Specialist - LATAM
Sr Payroll Specialist - LATAM Shelton, CT, US 2019/1/21
Shelton, CT, US 2019/1/21
Maintenance Supervisor - Packaging/Injection Molding Equipment Milford, CT, US 2019/1/20
Associate Brand Manager
Associate Brand Manager Shelton, CT, US 2019/1/20
Shelton, CT, US 2019/1/20
Electronic Technician
Electronic Technician Dover, DE, US 2019/1/19
Dover, DE, US 2019/1/19
Quality Engineering Supervisor
Quality Engineering Supervisor Ormond Beach, FL, US 2019/1/18
Ormond Beach, FL, US 2019/1/18
HR Manager
HR Manager milford, CT, US 2019/1/18
milford, CT, US 2019/1/18
Forklift Operator
Forklift Operator Dover, DE, US 2019/1/18
Dover, DE, US 2019/1/18
New Product Development and Technical Manager, JB Carrollton, TX, US 2019/1/17
Sr. Trade Strategy Analyst
Sr. Trade Strategy Analyst Mississauga, ON, CA 2019/1/17
Mississauga, ON, CA 2019/1/17
Territory Manager, North Orange County, CA
Territory Manager, North Orange County, CA North Orange County, CA, US 2019/1/17
North Orange County, CA, US 2019/1/17
HVACR Technician
HVACR Technician Milford, CT, US 2019/1/16
Milford, CT, US 2019/1/16
Territory Manager, Hawaii Field (Lower Waikiki) Waikiki, HI, US 2019/1/16
Mechanic I - 2nd Shift
Mechanic I - 2nd Shift Ormond Beach, FL, US 2019/1/15
Ormond Beach, FL, US 2019/1/15
Process Engineer - Injection Molding
Process Engineer - Injection Molding Milford, CT, US 2019/1/15
Milford, CT, US 2019/1/15
Staff Electrical Engineer - AB PLC Controls Dover, DE, US 2019/1/15
Operator B - B Crew
Operator B - B Crew Milford, CT, US 2019/1/14
Milford, CT, US 2019/1/14
Electrician Milford, CT, US 2019/1/13
Milford, CT, US 2019/1/13
Tooling Superintendent - Injection Molding and Die Maintenance Milford, CT, US 2019/1/13
Production Mechanic
Production Mechanic Dover, DE, US 2019/1/13
Dover, DE, US 2019/1/13
Sr. Electrical Engineer - AB PLC Control Systems Dover, DE, US 2019/1/13
Compounding Supervisor - 2nd Shift
Compounding Supervisor - 2nd Shift Ormond Beach, FL, US 2019/1/12
Ormond Beach, FL, US 2019/1/12
Strip Prep Operator - B Crew
Strip Prep Operator - B Crew Milford, CT, US 2019/1/11
Milford, CT, US 2019/1/11
Blade Finishing Operator - C Crew
Blade Finishing Operator - C Crew Milford, CT, US 2019/1/11
Milford, CT, US 2019/1/11
Senior Financial Analyst
Senior Financial Analyst Mississauga, ON, CA 2019/1/11
Mississauga, ON, CA 2019/1/11
Associate Scientist - Product Research And Testing Ormond Beach, FL, US 2019/1/11