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General Management

General Management is a unique role within Edgewell, where all functions converge, requiring you to take on responsibility for every facet of the company in a particular country or regional hub. We expect you to lead by example and exemplify our values, motivating others to do their best work and drive the business forward. It’s great training to become a senior executive in the company.

Success in General Management means building a cohesive team, delivering on business goals, and taking on ownership for the total P&L of your country. By gaining a wide range of experience and exposure in many aspects of the business—including sales, marketing, trade relations—it’s a role that develops your leadership skills.

General Managers inspire others to succeed. The role requires not just a passion to lead, but the humility to understand that you succeed only when your colleagues do. You are also the standard-bearer of our values; you ensure that our customers, colleagues, and consumers can always count on Edgewell to do the right thing.

Meet Anne-Sophie, our VP, Global Commercial Strategy

Anne-Sophie has a long history managing products in both the personal care and CPG industries. As a Vice President, she applies this expertise in channeling the energy of our diverse teams to bring Edgewell’s entire portfolio of brands to market.

Having recently lead a complicated effort to align numerous local divisions into what is now a South Europe hub, Anne-Sophie relied on Respect and Initiative to make it happen. Helping wire Edgewell for collaboration and innovation, she sees our ability to rapidly bring ideas to the marketplace as a key competitive differentiator. She’s committed to unleashing the bravery in her colleagues so they begin to see obstacles as opportunities.

Anne-Sophie helps set the tone at Edgewell, contributing to an environment where everyone understands the impact they can have on our business and with our consumers and customers. She creates the space for both creativity and autonomy in her teams but ensures we always act as one organization.