Manufacturing & Operations

Manufacturing & Operations

Manufacturing & Operations is an agile and proactive function deeply intertwined with departments across the organization—because we believe that you have to understand the entire supply chain to make the optimal product in the best possible way.

Our Operations group ensures plants produce exactly what is needed, because reducing waste has a direct effect, not just on our profits and efficiency, but also on our planet. To achieve this, we emphasize cross-functional communication—from sales and marketing to account-level execution—and focus on the essentials of optimizing efficiency (people, machines, materials, and methods).

The Operations role is fluid and provides exposure to all facets of the supply chain—from working with accounts to collaborating with Research, Development & Engineering. Your diverse responsibilities will include managing inventory, costs, people, and communications. The role demands technical competence, interpersonal excellence, and a constant drive to challenge the status quo.

Meet Taryn, Operations Director in Dover, DE

Taryn might be new to the world of personal care, but she has been a dedicated colleague since joining Energizer in 1996. She sees her shift from batteries to razors as an opportunity to lend Edgewell a fresh perspective, exemplifying our philosophy to never accept the status quo. In her words, “complacency is our enemy.”

Taryn relies on Integrity in guiding her team to improve every aspect of the manufacturing process because she believes honesty only strengthens their commitment. And she embodies Initiative in developing her colleagues. Whether as Value Stream Manager, Plant Manager, or now as Operations Director, Taryn demonstrates a passion for training and development, believing it not only fosters collaboration but also enhances the lives of each colleague.

Taryn has worked with teams across the country throughout her career with us—from Asheboro, NC to Maryville, MO, Bennington, VT to Westlake, OH. A mother of three, she and her husband Michael are dedicated to making sure everything runs as smoothly at home as at the plant.

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