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Innovation drives success. From how we get things done to how we develop our products, we’re committed to employing technology in smart and innovative ways. All in the service of bringing our consumers new-to-the-world products that meet their needs better than those offered by anyone else.

Engineers love to be challenged. At Edgewell, we offer a diverse range of R&D challenges and a team-based, cross-functional approach to cracking them. Whether your specialty is Equipment, Quality Control, Industrial, or Research & Development, we have a need for your talents. We have access to the latest technology and use hands-on experimentation to solve technical problems as well as discover new ways to innovate.

Edgewell is big, but not too big—allowing for genuine collaboration across roles and specializations. We harness the passion and curiosity of everyone on our team to bring fresh thinking to every product we create.

We offer a flexible career path, whether you want to be hands-on technical, move into the management side of Engineering, or use engineering as a springboard into other business functions.

Meet William, our Research Director for Science of Shave, Blade Science, Emerging Technology, and Infant Care.

As a Research Director, William can tell you a lot about the latest thinking behind blade science. With his background in engineering, he keeps Edgewell on the leading edge of product and mechanical innovation—applying the latest developments in science and technology to solve difficult business and technical challenges.

In his over 15-year history with our brands, William has come to embody our spirit of collaboration. He volunteered to temporarily move back to his former position on our automation engineering team to help launch the new Hydro platform. By all accounts, the program was ambitious, risky, and demanding. But above all, William recalls the project as demonstrating Teamwork in action. He uses both technical knowledge and creativity to deliver the very best products for our customers and consumers.

At work, William is a passionate leader. He’s an equally passionate co-leader at home. He and his wife Wendy are raising their two children, Danielle and Josh, in an atmosphere of “100% engagement.”

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